Types of smart door locks

October 27, 2022

The smart locks on the market are varied, and many people don’t know the difference between them. In fact, intelligent locks are distinguished from traditional mechanical locks, more intelligent locks in terms of user identification, security, manageability, covering fingerprint locks, electronic combination locks, electronic induction locks, network locks, remote locks and other specific types of lock products.

Fingerprint locks

Fingerprint lock is the most dominant type of home electronic lock market, fingerprint lock security, convenience, fashionable features by people of all classes of consumer attention, the current fingerprint lock has a semiconductor fingerprint head and optical fingerprint head, semiconductor fingerprint lock recognition rate is high, fast, small, safe; optical fingerprint head technology is more mature, scratch-resistant and slightly better dirt resistance. Fingerprint locks on the market generally both password, induction, remote control and other opening methods, the uniqueness of the fingerprint and can not be copied to determine the fingerprint lock is currently the most secure lock of all locks.

Electronic combination lock

It is a type of lock that is opened with a series of numbers or symbols. Combination locks are usually just an arrangement of codes rather than a true combination. Some combination locks only use a dial to turn several discs or cams inside the lock; some combination locks are turning a set of several dial rings with numbers engraved on them, which directly drive the machinery inside the lock. Electronic combination locks also have the same security, convenience, fashion features, but because of the need to remember the password, so more suitable for the younger generation, the elderly children will have the possibility of forgetting the password. The electronic combination lock on the market now usually uses 12 keys 6-bit password, the keyboard can be divided into two modes of touch screen keys and physical keys, both of which can achieve dummy input. On the market, there is a collection of fingerprints, passwords, induction and other functions in one electronic lock products, there is also simply only the password function of the electronic combination lock.

Sensor lock

The MCPU (microcontroller) on the circuit board controls the starting and closing of the door lock motor. After the door lock is loaded with battery, it can open and take the door of the room through the card issued by the computer. When the card is issued, it can control the validity of the card to open the door, the scope of opening the door and the authority, etc. It is a senior intelligent product. The induction door lock is an indispensable security electronic door lock for the majority of hotels, guest houses, leisure centers, golf centers, etc. It is also suitable for villa and family use.

Networked locks and remote locks

Smart lock so-called intelligent, mainly reflected in its function and operation of the use of the process more humane and intelligent. And intelligent at this stage is also mainly reflected in the door lock has networking capabilities, remote control and remote monitoring, such as through the cell phone can remotely monitor the door lock situation, remote door opening and closing, etc., but also let the smart lock left by the Internet security brought about by the hidden danger. With the development of the concept of smart home, the definition and function of smart lock is also in the continuous enrichment.

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