Clarifying common misconceptions about smart locks

October 27, 2022

Smart door lock is an advanced unlocking device in recent years, and its convenience has begun to gain value from a small part of the market, which is an inevitable trend in the future. But people are still confused about the concept of smart door locks, and there are some common misconceptions that keep them from buying them as an extra hassle in their lives.

We have previously summarized the characteristics of various types of smart locks and their advantages over traditional mechanical locks. This article focuses on the misunderstandings caused by the public, clears your doubts, and gives you enough confidence to buy a smart door lock for your place.

1. The installation process is difficult

Smart locks are considered difficult to install on doors and take a lot of time to set up. Some locks require the installation of all the kits that come with the lock, which may seem cumbersome, but the actual installation time is about the same as installing a door lock . It may take up to an hour. If you just replace the handle or lock cylinder, you can get it done in 10 minutes . , the installation is very simple , inexperienced girls can complete it independently .

2. Hacking

Another misconception about smart door locks is that these locks are easy to hack. Users can always stay connected to the device simply by connecting wirelessly. If the devices are under the same internet connection, the owner can control the lock using Wi-Fi. It is true that using a Wi-Fi link is relatively unsafe, but in fact, most smart locks use a Bluetooth link, and it is very safe to use a specific mobile phone to unlock at close range.

If the lock is remotely controlled through an app, well-known apps like Tuya, etc., will be encrypted and protected, and authorized users will have access to continuous monitoring, so the chance of intrusion into the device is very low.

3.Cannot connect to lock if smartphone is lost

If you lose your smartphone connected to the lock, you can usually use options such as fingerprint, passcode, and backup key to initialize it, erase all information, and return to factory condition.

4.Smart door lock cannot be used during power outage

Smart entry locks won't work when power is lost or turned off in your area, which is unfounded . Rechargeable smart locks use energy from their own battery and usually have emergency charging settings. The plug-in smart lock also has an always-active battery , and during a power outage, the battery kicks in and stays active until charging is complete. So there's nothing to be nervous about having your smart door lock working even during a power outage.

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