Why do smart padlocks seem prone to failure?

September 08, 2022

Smart padlocks are becoming more and more common, and you may have been attracted by its convenience, but you will always see reviews of products that have gone wrong, making you doubtful to place an order.

Why do smart padlocks seem prone to failure? What usually causes that and how can we fix it?

First, we need to know that the probability of problems in reviews will be on the high side, because people may forget to give a positive review, but usually leave an angry complaint.

Second, there is no perfect product and never wrong manufacturer, even the traditional mechanical padlock may fail, with more complex structure and precision components of the smart padlock, the failure rate will indeed be higher.

Finally, there are many problems related to the design of the product, as long as we avoid those products with defects, smart padlock normal can reach more than years of service life.

Smart padlock usually consists of battery, motor, chip, fingerprint reader, locking mechanism and external protective case. 

The battery is the life of the smart padlock, so be sure to choose a rechargeable model. They usually have an emergency rechargeable unlock setting to make sure you don't get locked out when there's no power. 

And in case the lock runs out of power faster, recharging is quite convenient, while dry batteries require several dollars a piece and frequent replacement is not only troublesome, costly, and environmentally unfriendly.

At the same time, remember to charge in time, otherwise long-term low-voltage situation, the battery loss will be very large, and after completely dead, it often takes longer to fully charged. This is the same reason not to wait until the phone is completely dead and then charge it.

It is best to use the matching charging cable and the recommended voltage for charging to protect the battery. Also, the voltage is reduced in low temperatures, so if you use the lock in a cold area, please pay attention to the applicable temperature range.

Smart padlock failure is usually the electronic components part of the problem. In addition to battery causes, board failures caused by water and vibration are the most common.

It is best to choose a design where the internal electronic components are separate from the external mechanical structure and modular production, which will be more waterproof and stable. 

If you want to use the smart padlock in the outdoors, it should reach IP68 waterproof level, and if used for transportation and other dynamic scenarios, anti-vibration testing is necessary.

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