Smart fingerprint padlock buying guide

August 19, 2022

With a typical padlock, it's easy to lose the key. All it takes is a small accident and you're locked out. Maybe forget to carry it, misplace it, or even have it stolen. Previously, we summarized the keyless unlocking solutions on the market, of which biometric fingerprint lock is the most suitable for the majority of people.

When fingerprint locks first appeared, the rate of false positives or false negatives they issued was outrageous. But with improvements in technology, today, fingerprint locks can be as reliable as traditional padlocks. As long as you know how to pick the most appropriate lock for your situation.

Size, security and access. These are the three most important aspects of finding the right biometric fingerprint lock. In fact, balancing these three elements, you can already target your choices quickly.

Lock Size

This is mainly related to your usage space. Smaller spaces and larger locks can be more difficult to match. For example, this may prevent you from using a big lock on certain types of lockers. Also, the size and weight of the lock is roughly related to the amount of protection it provides, as  larger and heavier locks tend to be made of stronger materials.

Security Level

Stainless steel is the gold standard for padlocks, fingerprint or otherwise, and it is strong enough to resist almost any damage. Squeezing through a quarter inch of steel would require the use of a fairly large bolt cutter. Of course, no metal can withstand a cutting machine at present.

So, it is better to choose the actual locking mechanism and locking loop are made of stainless steel. If not, will the padlock be able to resist smaller breakers and crushing forces?

In addition, if you want to choose a lock with wireless functions, this may add to the digital security aspect. In this regard, Bluetooth will be more secure than WiFi.

Sharing Access

When it comes to wireless connections, some locks allow you to turn them on or off via the accompanying app.

Then it's important to know clearly how many ways the lock can be shared, how many users it can be allowed to share to, and how to add or revoke people's access. Because these features can vary greatly among different smart locks.

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