Door lock buying guide

May 07, 2022

Door lock buying guide

Door locks are an important part of the family and can protect the safety of your family, house and property. However, when you travel to a hardware store, you will find locks of various shapes, sizes and designs. Which one is right for your home?


This ultimate guide to door locks will help you interpret the differences between different locks so that you can find the right type of lock for your outer door and inner door. After all, your office door does not need the same type of lock as the front or back door.


Let us first look at the various parts of the door lock so that you can understand how they work together to make the lock.

What is the most important part of the door lock: the cylinder


The cylinder is the most important part of the lock where the key is located. Your key must be properly installed on the cylinder so that you can open the lock. Even a slightly deformed key can cause the cylinder to prevent the lock from unlocking.


The cylinder contains multiple spring pins, which move when you put the key in it. If you insert the correct key, as the key further enters the cylinder, the pin will move, and the lock will be unlocked by opening the pin with the electronic door lock.


In some cases, you can replace the damaged cylinder. If the replacement cost of the complete door lock mechanism is high, this is a good choice. However, it is usually cheaper to buy a new lock.


This is why Mok-lock insists on developing its own lock cylinder technology. Mok-lock's lock cylinder can be universally applied to different lock bodies to achieve the ultimate goal of simple management. And greatly improve the security performance.


Types of door locks


You can use different types of door locks for various purposes. Some locks are best used on doors that lead to the outside of your home because they provide more security to prevent intruders from entering.


Other locks help keep doors in the home safe, such as bathroom doors and closet doors. They provide just enough security to keep others out, but they don’t have the level of security required outdoors.


Some locks can be locked from the outside of the door, some can only be locked from the inside of the door, and some can be locked from the outside or inside.


Here are the types of door locks you might find and the differences between them:


Lever Door lock


Door handle locks are probably the most common type of lock you see in your home, especially on internal doors, such as bathrooms and bedrooms. They are usually also a type of decorative front door, used in combination with door latches or other safer locks.


The door handle lock has a locking mechanism in the door handle. These locks have knobs on both sides of the door, and can have a single lock cylinder or a double lock cylinder, depending on whether you want to lock the door from the inside.




The Deadbolt lock is a mechanism independent of the door handle, which provides additional security protection for your entrance door. Many homes and business owners choose to install both door handle locks and deadlocks on their entrance doors to prevent the risk of intruders.


Deadbolts can reduce the risk of forced entry by creating a secure lock system, making it almost impossible for thieves to break through. Deadbolts can be single-cylinder and double-cylinder designs. Double-cylinders can provide more protection to prevent unauthorized people from entering the home.


Simple padlock


Padlocks are one of the simplest types of door locks. You will usually see these locks on doors that do not require a high level of security, such as shed and storeroom doors. These locks are not attached to anything else, but locked on themselves.


Padlocks can be large or small, and are usually square or rectangular with U-shaped rods. One end of the rod remains in the lock, but moves up and down to allow the other side to lock and release.


Cam Locks


You’ll usually find cam locks in filing cabinets, mailboxes, lockers, and low-security bank deposit boxes. The cam lock is a simplified version of other locks, requiring a key to turn a cam, which locks and unlocks it. Cam locks can be either flat or tubular, with keys of the same shape necessary to open them.


Doorknob Locks


Doorknob locks are, perhaps, the most common type of lock you’ll see on homes, especially on inner doors, like bathrooms and bedrooms. They’re also often one of the kinds to grace the front door, in combination with a deadbolt or other, more secure, lock.


Doorknob locks have the locking mechanism within the doorknob. These locks have knobs on either side of the door and can have a single or double cylinder, depending on whether you’d like the door to lock from the inside or not.


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