Ways to increase the secrity of shipping container storage

May 07, 2022

Ways to increase the secrity of shipping container storage

This guide will show you simple ways that you can ensure that your things are kept safe and secure in your second hand shipping container.

Here are six ways that you can improve your shipping container security:

1. Heavy Duty Padlocks

Padlocks are the simplest way of quickly obtaining container security for your items being stored. A wide variety of different styles of padlocks are available, with the most suitable style being “shutter” type padlocks.

2. Lock Boxes

The downside of padlocks as a sole form of container security is that they can be defeated by tools such as bolt cutters. Container lock boxes are a great way to make it virtually impossible (or at least really, really hard) to break in via the locks of your shipping container storage. A container lock box is a steel box that prevents your padlocks from being tampered with, these boxes are large enough for you to fit your padlock and key into, but small enough that they prevent anyone from tampering with your locks and cutting the shackle or shank.

Generally second hand shipping containers don’t come with a container lock box installed, and require them to be added as a container modification. They are easy to install and are usually either bolted or welded on.


3. Inner Bolts


Used to lock one of the doors from the inside, these bolts are similar to a deadbolt that you might have in a household door. Their positioning inside makes them impossible to remove without first gaining access to the container through another door.


4. Crossbar Locks


These locks prevent the primary (usually the right hand side) door locking handles from turning. Their design means that even if someone cuts a padlock or the locking latch that they cannot gain access to the container. Generally these types of locks are portable, and don’t need welding on.


5. Alarm Systems


If you are storing your valuables long term within a sea container, then an alarm system is another worthy investment. Standard alarm systems can be used if the container is close to buildings, a phone line and standard power supplies, but this is not always the case. If you find yourself using a shipping container to store goods in a more “out of the way” type situation then a GSM (i.e. cell phone) alarm might be the most suitable solution. These alarms are custom made for shipping containers and include all the modern features that other alarms have including motion detectors, sensors and even closed circuit TV monitoring. Those in extra remote areas like the outback might require the addition of a GSM antennae to ensure that mobile reception is up to the required standard.


6. Perimeter Fencing


While not physically attached to the container itself, securing your property with a ring of perimeter fencing can add yet another layer of security to your second hand sea container. Generally perimeter fencing is constructed from metal mesh and bars, with a row of razor wire at the top to make it harder to climb. As with other security measures, perimeter fencing won’t stop everyone, but will slow them down and prevent opportunist break ins. Check with your local council as to the rules and regulations regarding the installation of security fencing in your area.


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