Of the best shipping container locks to choose

April 01, 2022

Of the best shipping container locks to choose 

You probably wouldn't leave your home in the morning without locking the door on your way out. For most people, it's not particularly likely that someone will try to let themselves in while no one's home—but it's always best to have the precaution there just in case.


Putting a lock on your shipping container isn't much different. A lock helps keep your goods secure from unauthorized access, it can prevent the container from losing cargo during bumpy rides and it's important for insurance purposes should something happen to your cargo. No matter what you're shipping, durable shipping container locks are part of 21st century best practices on container safety.

So, what options do shippers have for shipping container locks? These five types of locks are among the most popular. 

1. Container Padlocks

Padlocks are a classic for securing all kinds of cargo, and the special versions designed for shipping containers are an excellent option. A container padlock is a U-shaped steel lock that's designed to attach to the loop inside a shipping container's lock box. (If your container doesn't have a lock box, you might want to look into bolt-on or weld-on lock boxes to improve security.) 

Container padlocks are available in many different styles and materials, and they offer excellent security for shipping containers. Typically, the lock box shelters the padlock's shackle, making it more difficult to access and improving the lock's resistance to tampering. Like many other types of locks on this list, container padlocks are often available in like-keyed batches from their manufacturers.


2. Crossbar Locks

Crossbar locks are another popular type of lock for shipping containers. These locks are extendable clamps, typically made from tubular steel, that can be attached to the container's door, typically on the locking rods but sometimes on the handles. A keyed lock mechanism allows the clamp to be securely fastened in place, preventing the doors from opening. 

These locks are resistant to bolt cutters and lockpicks, making them an excellent solution for keeping container doors securely closed. Some models are also available with extensions for bars that are farther apart than the typical nine to 16 inches, and these locks are typically also available in like-keyed batches for convenience.


3. Truck Seals

Truck seals are among the least expensive and most common ways of securing a shipping container. Many models are similar to plastic zip ties and are best suited for environments with low-security risk, as they're mainly good for preventing the doors from opening accidentally. However, other high-security models are made from thick metal bolts and provide improved security.


 4. Hidden Shackle Padlocks

A hidden shackle padlock offers the easy-to-use performance of a padlock, combined with the tampering protection of a single latch lock or deadbolt. The lock's shackle is enclosed within its body, making these locks almost impossible to defeat through standard break-in tools like bolt cutters. These locks are star performers in environments where security is a big concern, so consider them if you've got high-value cargo that you need to protect. Remember also that these locks should be ordered with matching hasps, as you'll need the hasps to mount the locks on your containers.


5. Roll Door Lock Boxes

A roll-up door can be an extremely convenient feature to have on a shipping container, but it's crucial to ensure that the door doesn't become a security problem. A simple everyday padlock might be enough, but if you need tougher security, consider one of the many lock boxes designed specifically for roll-up doors. These locks are available in a variety of designs. Some can be installed on the bottom of a door so that they automatically close when the door does, while others are the more traditional hasp-style locks that allow the use of a padlock but protect it from tampering.


Locking down your goods in transit will help keep them safe and secure, so make sure to reach for this list when you're outfitting your containers. And for the lowest rates on used and new shipping containers, reach out to Air Sea Containers Our experts can connect you with the perfect container for your goods, plus all of the shipping and packaging materials you need to keep it safe. Just  contact us.


August 05, 2020


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