How to buy the suitable padlocks?

March 31, 2022
With so many brand and design padlocks on the market today, finding the right padlock can be tricky. We put this document together to run through the key choices that need to be made.

What size do you need?

- Inside and outside

- Locking mechanism

- Reliability and cost


The size of the padlock you need depends entirely on the object it locks. The most important measurement of any padlock is the thickness of the shackle. The shackle is a "U"-shaped rod that locks the padlock in place. You need to measure the hole that the shackle will lock to make sure it is the correct size. The other measurements you need to check are the vertical and horizontal gaps. These are the distances under the shackle and need to be greater than the thickness of the material you are locking through. However, there are some ranges, such as the Mok-lock ordinary padlock series, starting from 20 mm and continuing to 60 mm, with a long shackle version, so there is always a padlock that can meet your needs.


What is the use of a padlock? What level of security do you need? 

You need to determine the purpose of the padlock and the possibility of being attacked. Is it locking expensive motorcycles or bicycles? Is it used for public gates or shops where many people use it? Is it a school locker or a leisure center locker? It doesn't make much sense to install a £20 padlock on a £15,000 motorcycle because it can be easily stolen by thieves, but at the same time if you have a very secure padlock and a weak link, then this will be the goal. It is important to ensure that all locking points are equally secure, so that you have no weaknesses.

Where is it used? Is it internal or external?

Most padlocks are basically waterproof and can be used outdoors, but since most brass body padlocks have hardened steel locks, they will rust and corrode over time. Mok-lock insists on 304 stainless steel, which is a kind of anti-rust material with waterproof function, so this standard padlock is more suitable for external use.

If padlocks are used for trucks and trailers, then you will want to check out the Mok-lock warehouse padlock series because they are waterproof and have a protective plastic cover. The idea here is to prevent dirt, dirt and grit from entering the padlock keyway and blocking it.

If you live on the coast or anticipate severe weather conditions, then you will need a stainless steel padlock, and we offer a series of marine-grade padlocks online. The best on the market is the Mok-lock special metal series, which is completely rust-proof and has been used in ocean farms for many years.

What locking mechanism do you need? The key or combination?

The key lock padlock is a standard type of padlock, which can provide different keys, the same key or a master key. Different keys mean that each padlock can have different keys. Padlocks with the same key or "one key per person" are designed to reduce the number of keys required to open multiple padlocks and provide a common key to operate all padlocks. The Mok-lock padlock is suitable for areas where your supervisor or manager needs to use 1 key to open all locks but still provide employees with personal keys. Mok-lock kits can be made according to your needs, so if you have specific requirements, please contact our sales team and we can help.

The Mok-lock combination padlock is ideal for areas where you have multiple users and do not want to issue keys. Easy to change the password means you can prevent people from using the padlock at any time.

What level of reliability/cost do you need?

There are some padlocks on the market, which we classify as "budget" padlocks. They are manufactured by Tri-Circle. These locks are not in the sales scope of Mok-lock. The Tri-Circle padlock is designed as a disposable padlock series, which is very suitable for locking small boxes (ie computer cases or lockers), but not suitable for external use or locking valuables.

The most reliable and best-made padlock series we provide is the Mok-lock custom lock cylinder stainless steel padlock. The design of the entire series has taken into account the service life, and we rarely hear of failures due to manufacturing. The price of these padlocks is higher than that of the Tri-Circle brand, but, like many things, you get what you pay for. Although the price of Mok-lock is higher, if you want a durable padlock, Mok-lock is your choice s brand.

August 05, 2020

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