Advantages of smart door locks

November 11, 2022

Smart door locks are one of the new technological advancements smart homes are starting to utilize more often. If you’re tired of losing your house key, looking for added security, want your kids to be able to access the home when you’re not home or want to let guests in remotely, smart door locks are what you need.

Remote Management for Convenience

Smart door locks can usually be manage by phone, and apps like Tuya and TTlock support remote sharing of devices to unlock them, provide a time-limited authorization for others to enter.

Some models also allow you to check the lock status, so you never have to worry about whether you've locked the door when you leave.

Know Who’s Coming In and Out

Smart door locks can alert you when a door opens and closes, and some systems even allow you to give different people your own code so you know exactly who is entering.

You can also pair your lock with a smart doorbell camera, allowing you to see who's at your door with the click of a button. The personalized code feature is perfect for kids, guests, home deliveries, or if you're renting your home as a vacation spot.

Enhanced security and safety

Adding a smart door lock to your home can add an extra layer of security. Are you still hiding a spare key under the doormat or in a flower pot on the porch?

There is no need to keep a physical house key or to hide a key outside as a backup. Smart locks eliminate the need to duplicate physical keys, so thieves will have fewer ways to enter your home.

Of course, if one is unsure about not having a mechanical key, many smart lock systems allow you to have a place for your key, making it easy to use for those who have difficulty with technology.

Smart home device automation

Some smart door locks can also be integrated into your home system, becoming the cornerstone of an automated home system, allowing you to manage your home directly from your phone or home automation system.

Its status, whether locked or unlocked, can signal other devices to adjust accordingly. For example, if you unlock the door, the smart lock can automatically change the thermostat to a lower temperature and turn on the lights in the hallway.

You can choose Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-WAVE or Wi-Fi compatibility for your smart door lock - whichever matches your other smart home technology. Common Bluetooth smart locks have a range of about 300 feet, which means you can only control your locks in and around your home. Meanwhile, other technologies can provide access anywhere there's an Internet connection, but aren't as secure and have a faster battery drain.

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