The most important thing to pick a smart padlock

November 11, 2022

With the development of IoT technology, smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and many families have changed to smart door locks to experience practical convenience. Under this trend, smart padlocks become the next trendsetter. 

However, due to the different application scenarios, padlocks will face more risks of being damaged, security is the most important, convenience is secondary. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don't realize this, and smart padlocks are designed as consumer electronics, and this design makes them vulnerable to the simplest of physical attacks. 

On the YouTubeLockPickingLawyer Channel there are many unlocking test videos of smart padlocks, and they impress with their poor performance in terms of physical security. Using a random knife or screwdriver, a padlock can be completely disassembled and easily opened as easily as a plastic toy.

Conventional locks, on the other hand, have a completely different design. First of all, their bodies are always made from one solid piece of metal. Second, the screws are usually hidden and there’s always at least one screw that can be accessed only when the shackle is unlocked. Third, to be resistant to shackle shimming, good padlocks employ ball bearings in the unlocking mechanism. There’s a lot more, of course, but these are the basics of security, the rules that a competent padlock should follow.

Why do almost all smart padlocks have similar security flaws? The reason is simple, most of the smart padlock brands on the market started out as electronic products, do not understand the design of padlocks, and may not be aware of this security issue. Even if the problem is found, many factories do not have the technology to solve it, because adding electronic components without changing the traditional padlock structure requires a very clever design. And professional lock manufacturers, based on cost and other considerations, few are willing to invest huge efforts to improve.

But we " MOK " believe that security is the most important criterion for locks, with 27 years of experience in lock manufacturing, in recent years we have focused on the development of smart padlocks for outdoor use, using strong metal materials and traditional padlock structure, can resist conventional physical damage, and use in the wind and rain.

Overall, if you want to protect your property more conveniently with a smart padlock, our products are one of the few reliable choices; while if the place of use is still secure and only used to simply swear sovereignty, choosing the cheapest smart padlock is enough.

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