traffic lock


MOKLOCK stainless steel disc brake lock, portable and secure traffic lock.

The whole disc alarm lock including the cylinder and shackle is made of solid SUS304 stainless steel, suitable for outdoor use.

Professionally protected against rust, snow, rain, dirt, grime, and salt.

Patented anti-drill lock technology prevents violent opening by electric drills and other instruments.

1.4mm small pitch patented key with high-precision disc lock cylinder, greatly reducing the mutual opening probability.

One-press to lock, easy and quick.

Suitable for all kinds of motorcycles and bicycles with discs.

Two shackle diameters are available, 6 mm and 10 mm.

Upgraded model with 130db alarm and anti-strong magnetic unlocking.

Patented design to achieve IP67 waterproof certification, can work in the rain, and -30°C to +70°C is useable.

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