Stainless Steel Padlock


MOKLOCK has been specializing in manufacturing high security stainless steel padlocks, shackle padlock since 2009.

The lock body / shackle / cylinder cover / ball / discs are all made of SUS304 stainless steel.

Professional rust and weatherproof, resistant to industrial strong acid and alkali corrosion.

Adopt precision casting technology and ball locking mechanism to enhance the toughness, anti-knock, anti-drill, anti-pry, and anti-pull.

Patented explosion-proof cylinder cover and optional anti-shear alloy steel shackle to further increase security.

1.4mm small pitch patented key with high-precision disc lock cylinder, greatly reducing the mutual opening probability.

Complete production records, lock codes for the same customer are archived and normally non-repeated or made the same again on request.

Optionally keyed alike, one key can open up to hundreds of thousands of different locks.

The customizable master key system realizes low-cost multi-level management, the master key can open all the locks while subkeys can only open the corresponding ones.

Free laser logo, customizable packaging to help build your own brand.

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